Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Revelations

I've had a great week since Christmas. I've been hanging out with Molli a lot lately. It's been really fun. I stayed up for New Years, with my favorite girl, and then got up at 8 on New Years Day for a great trip. I drove to the bike shop, borrowed a $2000 bike and went up to the mountains to ride. It was a nice, early morning ride with about 20 other people. We had a nice 6 mile climb to the top of Chilhowee Mountain, then a nice 8 mile ride back down to the bottom. Singletrack at 35 mph is really fun. The whoop-de-doos are suicidal at that speed. The trail twists and turns and drops, not to mention the mud that is slick as snot, wheels washing out, and more fun danger. That was a great start to the day. Then, I went to Toastymeisters house for a Pathfinder TLT Lock-In. We stayed up all night and watched all six Star Wars movies. NOT RECOMMENDED!!! It was rough. We started watching episodes 4, 5, and 6 first and then watched 1, 2, and 3. Leaving the best for last. Well, the night got worse, Molli got really sick and then Greg and I started feeling queasy ourselves.... ick. It was no fun, and we are just now beginning to recouperate. Tomorrow morning, I'm off to ride Chilhowee again, if I'm not sick. Good times...

It's been a good week, hmmmmmmm... Hope everyone else has a great week too...


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