Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Deep Thoughts

Rain, water falling from the sky. Does this mean that the sky is made of water? Or do we believe what we have always been told, that water evaporates and then falls in the form of rain. Rain, it could be the sky falling on us, little pieces of what we call space. But their is space all around us, and who are we to say that it is outer space. As big as the universe is, it should be inner space. Rain, is it the tears of heaven? Is God crying over the mistakes that we make continually. The things that we do to hurt God are amazing. We tell Him to get out of our lives, and then when things go wrong, we start asking why He wasn't there. If only we could wake up and see daylight. If only we could see that God is always there, whether we let Him help, is our choice. Rain, God's tears, now we know why it seems to rain so much. We do stupid things to a God that created us. A God that knows us, and knows everything about us. He knows all the stupid things that we do and still, He loves us. It's amazing, God was willing to sacrifice His only Son to save a bunch of idiots. What was He thinking? I have no idea, but I am really glad that He thought it. Without such a loving God, there would be no point in living. No point in going through this daily grind that we call life. Suffering through days of pain and seeing things we love destroyed. But there is something to live for, God does exsist, and He does love us. He loves us more than life. He was willing to die for a bunch of losers, and die He did. But the cool thing is, He rose again. He conquered death, something that no one else can do. Without that victory, it would have all been for nothing. God's plan worked perfectly however, Christ lived a perfect life and died a death for all the sins ever committed, even future sins. But without the resurrection, nothing would have changed. We would all be condemned to die a permanent death. The death that we experience is only permanent if we do not believe that Christ came to save us. If we do believe, death is just a rest, a rest from a weary world that is eating away at our souls. Death is nothing to cry about, permanent death is however, a crying matter. Rain, the tears of heaven when one is lost. Try not to let heaven cry over you... Just love God, and follow his leading. And let the rain fall, let the sky open up and rain down the love of God, not His tears. Open up the sky, rain down your love, I don't know if I'll, ever get enough...


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