Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Deep Thoughts

deep... the sky is deep, you ever thought about that? deep can mean unfathomable, can you fathom how big the sky is? it's huge, why don't we ever classify the sky as deep? are we afraid to be surrounded by deep waters and deep sky? Is it a human fear of not being in control of everything? Maybe someday we will realize that the sky is bigger than we can ever imagine, because, well the sky we see is also space. And that space goes on for billions of miles, before there is anything. The stars are millions of miles apart, yet from here they look so close, so by using geometry, we could get a rough estimate of how far we are from two stars. But do we really want to know how little we are compared with everything else. We are like a grain of sand in the middle of the saharan desert, if we are even that big. Our "huge" solar system is about the size of a coffee mug in the milky way galaxy, and there are millions of galaxies in the universe. And what if there are more than the one universe that we know? What if there are millions of universes out there. Let me tell you something, we are not alone in this universe. There are other living beings out there, even Ellen White says so, the thing is, none of them sinned, and when we get to heaven and get to visit them, we will be like rock stars. Don't ask me why, we are the ones that messed up, but they will be so amazed and want to know so much about what sin was like that we will be incredibly famous. You gotta wonder how many other planets are out there with perfect beings on them... It could be alot. We aren't alone in this deep sky, somewhere out there, someone is looking back at us. Wathcing our every move, and they aren't God, these other beings are observing us, they can do that when they are perfect. Isn't that crazy. So much for being alone in the "huge" solar system. Why look for life on Mars?? It's not there, they ran away from sin. Deep, the sky IS deep, deeper than any of us could ever imagine. What if we could fall up? We would never stop falling. It could be bad. But then again, I've always wanted to go to space... Deep, the sky is deep...


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